Analyticon: An Open Forum For the World’s Most Important Ideas

Analyticon galvanizes the global analytics movement. We share the unshakable belief that data can change our lives. Explore crafted environments that get your brain firing on all cylinders. Expect a truly, human-centered experience that embraces the oddities of your individuality to launch the data revolution.

Main Stage Headliners

These visionaries are brimming with the year’s top breakthroughs. And since, we’re here to unleash world-changing insight, you’ll hear about the groundbreaking ideas that help us all push our passion and purpose forward, no matter our role.

Libby Duane
Libby Duane
Co-Founder + Chief Customer Officer, Alteryx
Dean Stoecker
Dean Stoecker
Chairman + CEO, Alteryx


Festival Activations

The engaging entertainment throughout Analyticon is one of the most special parts of it all. For three days, we host events that promise fun and fuel for the future.

Somewhere between the private concert with a headliner bash, a kick off party, and the most-celebrated data science and analytics competition, the Grand Prix, memories will be made, and lasting bonds will forever be forged. It’s a festival built to celebrate the top analytic performances of the year.

Private Concert with Headliner Bash

Headliner 3
Headliner 2
Headliner 1

Grand Prix Celebration

Grand Prix – 3
Grand Prix – 2
Grand Prix 1

Whether you’re just awakening to the mainstay of data in our world or you’re taking your analytics alchemy to the next level, Analytics.Live is a constant stream of head-spinning ideas. From women of analytics to emerging tech to data for social good, topics run the gamut of how we solve together.

Women of Analytics

Women of analytics 3
Women of Analytics 2
Women of Analytics 1

Data For Good

Data For Good – 3
Data For Good – 2
Data for good – 1
AYX Stage

In just 45 minutes, you’ll get a lot more than teasing what’s in store. Analyticon attendees leave knowing exactly what new technology has dropped, including the entire Alteryx product roadmap for 2021 and beyond. Plus, what product stage would be complete without a partner showcase. No stage we like. Discover the best collaborations in data science and analytics under the big lights.

AYX Stage 3
AYX Stage 2
AYX Stage 1

Tent Talks

You’ll find data scientists talking about their latest discoveries. Real people riffing off one another’s techniques. Leaders from user groups dishing on the recent analytic sightings from their hometowns. It’s the best cacophony of sounds you’ll ever hear or overhear. Either way, it’s here.

Tent Talks 3
Tent Talks 2
Tent Talks 1

2021 Data Breakthroughs

Analyticon gives you the chance to define your future with data. The possibilities are innumerable. Visionary practitioners, self-service spearheads, and some of the world’s most influential brands, will share tips and tricks so good they’ll feel like analytic installations with one overarching theme – breakthrough business results. Feverishly fill your notebooks with practical advice on a mashup of topics – connection, culture, data storytelling, climate + social action, healthcare, tax and audit, AI, gaming – you name it, it’s here.

Breakthrough – 2
Breakthrough – 1
Breakthroughs 3
AYX Academy

Where top technology and training experts assemble to nerd out on interactive modules and crash courses. All learning machines are welcome.

Education, conversation, collaboration

Collaboration – 3
Collaboration – 2
Collaboration – 1
Ask the Solvers

Solution Center  1:1s – talk about a full-fledged festival of solving. Schedule face time in our Solution Center with masterminds equipped to tackle your biggest technical challenges. It’s a highly, favorited experience by Analyticon goers. While you’re there, test out new features pushing the envelope in this space.

Solution Center 1:1

Solvers – 3
Solvers – 2
Solvers – 1

Welcome to the Era of Synchronized Solving